Welcome to Copenhagen Bouquets πŸ’ We are delighted to present to you, our beauteous bouquets. There are charming flowers, in various colors and forms that suits you on your very special day. Our flowers 🌸 and bouquets are in high quality that is made with love πŸ’• We can customize it in accordance of your affection and desire❀️ *As you have ordered your beautiful bouquet at Copenhagen Bouquets πŸ’ and have booked Copenhagen Makeup Artist πŸ’„ as your artist on the momentous day of your life, she will personally bring your bouquet with her, to deliver it personally to you 🌸.Β 

🌸 Exclusive Offer for Copenhagen Makeup Artist Clients Only 🌸

Attention Copenhagen Makeup Artist clients! Only those with appointments can order our beautiful flower bouquets.Β